Benefits and Involvement of Employers

We all remember our first job, our first paycheck, our first break. You can give a young person a chance to experience the world of work, grow professionally, and contribute to your bottom line.

Reason to Hire Teens

For employers, hiring youth is a fulfilling and cost-effective way to address critical business needs. These may include filling entry-level job vacancies, completing overlooked administrative projects, or addressing coverage gaps during staff vacations or busy seasons. Hiring youth also allows employers to take advantage of the energy and enthusiasm young people bring to their work. Because they have grown up around computers and mobile devices, many young people also possess fluency with technology which can be an immediate asset in the modern workplace.

For teens, early work experiences play a significant role in their transition to adulthood, by building their sense of self-esteem and independence; allowing them to contribute to their household income and introducing them to both experiences and adult role-models that may shape the way they think about their futures.

By introducing young people to a profession, employers can begin the process of educating the next wave of workers in their industry, while also developing the leadership and mentoring skills of their current employees. The result can be a workplace with increased morale and a greater diversity of skills, perspectives and backgrounds.

Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways that employers can become involved in youth employment.

EmployersHiring teens allows you to address current business needs, while also laying the groundwork for tomorrow's workforce. By giving a young person an early employment experience you play a direct role in welcoming the next wave of talent into your profession.

Participating in career awareness activities is a no-cost way to promote your organization and your field. Providing opportunities for young people to participate in job shadow days, company tours, mock interviews, or internships, can be invaluable in shaping the way they think about their career prospects and can build morale, by giving your current staff a fun and rewarding opportunity to articulate the knowledge and expertise they bring to the table each day.

Sharing your industry expertise with workforce development professionals allows you to play a role in how the workforce system serves your industry. Volunteering to participate in advisory boards, focus groups, or providing pro-bono consulting or other in-kind services helps ensure that the workforce system's efforts are designed with an awareness of your business' real-world needs. Additionally, participating in these efforts provides many opportunities to network with other like-minded people both in and outside of your field.

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